Rexx : the new name in haulage

In October, Bis introduced Rexx to the industry - an innovative, tough and agile haulage truck. Rexx has been designed to deliver real value to the mining industry. Rexx will eliminate a number of costly practices and equipment for customers, including double handling, extra loading facilities and fixed conveying equipment. It's a game changer for mine haulage.



Interchangeable bin

Rexx is flexible with a range of interchangeable bins formulated to suit different terrains, commodities and applications.

160 tonne payload

Rexx is designed to carry a 160t payload, at a normal operating speed of 60km/h

Improved safety

Safety is paramount. That’s why Rexx is designed with world-class technology including fatigue-detecting system and GPS driver monitoring systems, along with features such as a large format front window for better visibility and the 360° cameras to ensure drivers are completely aware of their surrounds.


Rexx is a multi-purpose tool. It can be used for over burden, out-of-pit, short and long hauls.

Road Train Tyre

The multi-axle design uses 20 conventional road train tyres that are more durable, cost-effective and safer to replace.

Up to 4x further

Rexx has four times the range of conventional dump trucks

Reduced Additional Haulage Support

Rexx reduces the need for additional haulage support equipment including extra loading facilities and conveyors.

Narrower Roads

Rexx is designed to safely operate on narrower and lower specification roads - allowing for reductions in infrastructure costs.

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