How we help you deliver

An efficient and reliable logistics and materials handling system can mean the difference between a viable operation, and a resource that never leaves the ground.

Getting your commodities to market

Distance from the coast for many Australian and Indonesian resources operations means off-site transport costs can almost equal on-site costs.
The key is to partner with the right logistics services provider to haul, transport, handle, process and deliver your bulk commodities cost efficiently to market.

Your resources logistics company

Outsource all, or the critical parts, of your logistics and materials handling services to Bis and we’ll help you optimise your end-to-end supply chain in ways you never thought possible.
We bring real world operational experience, inventive thinking, skilled operators and a large fleet of specialist equipment to help you deliver more competitively to your customers.

Unlock your ability to deliver

Bespoke solutions are what Bis is known for. We are willing to invest our time, expertise and capital in developing a logistics, materials handling or equipment solution that is exactly right for your commodity, your operation and your customers.
Improving how you Deliver Every Day is what we do best.

How we can deliver