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Harnessing technology to be the ‘VOICE’ of safety

Bis has an operations monitoring centre known as VOICE (Virtual Operational Insight Control Environment) which monitors our haulage operations in regional and remote locations across Australia.

The centralised facility was specifically designed using innovative technology to monitor all aspects of our onsite operations in real-time to ensure that we are protecting both our assets and our most valuable resource – our people.

The VOICE team of safety specialists analyse live and recorded data from our intricate driver and truck monitoring systems to provide the site management teams with both instantaneous alerts and analytical advice to keep our drivers safe, monitor compliance, safeguard operations and optimise the performance of our fleet.

A major safety challenge for the haulage industry has been the effective management and prevention of driver fatigue. Bis utilises the Optalert system which is humanistic technology designed to monitor the welfare of individual drivers.

Drivers wear individually calibrated glasses which detect eye and eyelid movements and determine if the operator is suffering or likely to experience fatigue. In the event the system detects fatigue, the driver is given an audio alert and the data is immediately sent directly to the VOICE monitoring team.

“Bis harnesses cutting-edge technology to improve on-site safety and haulage operations.”

In addition to the real-time fatigue management, all Bis prime movers are fitted with hi-resolution in-cab cameras that allow us to review driver performance for training, operational efficiency and compliance requirements.

Similar to an air traffic control centre, VOICE tracks vehicles using BisTrack which is our advanced vehicle monitoring and engine management tool. Data from the on-board truck computers and GPS allows our controllers to map the exact location of vehicles to monitor movements and driver behaviours including speed and brake applications. Data collated by BisTrack is also used to improve onsite efficiency, traffic management and driver performance.

While we are working to keep our people safe onsite, our VOICE control centre also captures detailed information about our fleet and equipment using OSCAR, which is a predictive monitoring system. The automated reporting tool can provide updates on vehicle reliability and predict when maintenance is required which improves efficiency and helps to reduce operational costs.

Bis’ innovative approach to integrating technology sets it apart as a leader in the resources industry by providing tailored logistics solutions for our customers.